About the Blog


Doctor Who has captivated viewers for 50 years, but those new to the series may feel a bit intimidated by the overwhelming amount of content.

Sure there are seven season to “New Who”, but there are a staggering 26 seasons of the original run of the series as well, not to mention spin off shows and books and audio versions. The amount of content is massive!

This site is meant to be a suggestive guide of some of the video content that gives you the greatest understanding of who this great character is, and some of his best adventures.

It’s for fans of the new series as well as the classic series. It is meant to give you some quick direction if you want to see the best of The Doctor.

Some of these choices were purely personal. They were chosen because they are the most fun and enjoyable and/or helped develop the characters. So have fun with it! That’s what it’s all about!

(And feel free to agree or disagree as much as you want in the comments, but be prepared to defend your argument, because I will be defending mine!)


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