5 Dynamic Duos

Some companions are together so often or work together so well, that they become part of a dynamic duo.  It wouldn’t really be fair to view them separately in most cases because part of their strength is in balancing each other in the stories. So here are the best of the dynamic duos that have added their presence to the Doctor Who universe.

Amy Pond

Amy Pond


Amy Pond / Rory Williams

~ ~ ~

Amy Pond is the first companion of the modern series to be in a real relationship with someone other than the Doctor (Rose doesn’t count. Her relationship was very on/off.) As such and as half of the only couple in the series to actually BE a real couple in the series (engaged and married), Amy Pond and her other half Rory Williams are in a class all their own.

Her love for Rory is what makes her exceptional over and over again.


Rory Williams

Rory WIlliams

Rory Williams is the most human and humane of the Doctor’s recent companions, and maybe of any of his companions. Rory is a protector and fiercely loyal and loving to Amy despite how she sometimes treats him and it is for that very reason that every time she is faced with losing him, she turns back time, she makes the ultimate sacrifices to keep him, because there is no doubt, these two cannot live without each other.

This super couple is without a doubt the greatest dynamic duo of the series, new or old.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Barbara Wright

Barbara Wright


Barbara Wright / Ian Chesterton

~ ~ ~

Barbara Wright was a school teacher and the first to discover (along with Ian Chesterton) the secret of The Doctor and his TARDIS. During the initial run of the series, Barbara was a steady and solid force amidst the often unstable influences of Susan and The Doctor in those early years. She was the solid, cool head that kept the four of them going and was the first of the many outstanding ladies to ride with the Doctor in the TARDIS.

   ~ ~ ~ ~


Ian Chesterton

Ian Chesterton was the yin to Barbara Wright’s yang. The first Doctor was a bit of an elderly statesman, but Ian Chesterton was all action. He was another one of Susan’s teachers and discovered the Doctor’s secret along with Barbara in the very first episode. He often clashed with the Doctor, (as Barbara frequently did as well), but there is no doubt that in those early years without this dynamic powerhouse couple Doctor Who may never have survived.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jamie McCrimmon


Jamie McCrimmon / Zoe Heriot


Jamie McCrimmon first meets the Doctor in the story arc The Highlanders (#31).  The best thing about  Jamie is the way he seems to be just as bumbling and adventurous as the Doctor. The two of them are the perfect buddy act, and they have great chemistry throughout their long run. Jamie is all action, adventure, and fun, and being rather naive, brings just the right amount of questioning to the Doctor’s journey.  Despite this naivete, he is certainly still able to recognize the Doctor is less than perfectly skilled at piloting the TARDIS.

~ ~ ~

Zoe Heriot

Zoe Heriot

Zoe Heriot is from a space station in the 21st century, is a genius, and possibly the only companion who is as smart as (or perhaps even smarter than) the Doctor himself.  Zoe is sweet, but she is also capable, which were not qualities frequently seen in the female companions.   Even though she was a genius, she tended to be emotionally and socially awkward, and it was because of this that she decided to join with the Doctor and Jamie and travel in the TARDIS in order to learn and grow.

The strength of this duo lies in their opposite natures. Sometimes opposites attract, and sometimes opposites present a sense of balance and wholeness, this was exactly the case with Jamie and Zoe, the two of them (along with the Doctor) made a very powerful team.

~ ~ ~~~~

Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson


Ben Jackson / Polly Wright

~ ~ ~

Ben Jackson was a sailor out for a bit of adventure, and he (along with his co-companion Polly Wright) is part of the “forgotten couple” in the Doctor Who universe, and that is really too bad, because they were one of the best couples in the series. Many of their episodes are lost, but the bits we’ve seen with Ben showed him to be a real leader. 


Polly Wright

Polly Wright

Polly Wright was an assistant for a government official and was a welcome relief to the series after the often silly Dodo. She was a good first example of the bright girls that were soon to follow in her footsteps in the series. She was mostly capable, (although occasionally a screamer) and along with Ben, she was a great early companion to the Doctor.

  Ben and Polly were a smart adventurous team and great companions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Mike Yates

Captain Mike Yates


Captain Mike Yates/Sergeant John Benton


Mike Yates was a recurring character while the Doctor was exiled on Earth, he was a regular member of UNIT and was first featured in the story Terror of the Autons (#55). Mike was often shown to be heroic by leading the charge on many challenging missions and occasionally tormenting his counterpart Sergeant Benton as he outranked him. He had a somewhat unfortunate ending, but his camaraderie with Jo and Benton was one of the better elements of the 3rd Doctors time with UNIT.


Sergeant Benton

Sergeant John Benton

Sergeant Benton was introduced in an earlier story than Captain Yates, for the first time in The Invasion (#46) along with the return of the Brigadier, and outlasted his counterpart, but the friendly dynamic between these two was one of the more compelling aspects of their stories together. Both were exceedingly capable soldiers, but Benton and Yates together could play their characters off each other exceptionally well. 

As with the best of the dynamic duos,  their greatest moments were together.



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