12th Doctor – Peter Capaldi (2014-2017)

Peter Capaldi (2014-2016)

Peter Capaldi has taken over as the first older actor in the role since the new version of the show began, and that has been a big transition for younger viewers unfamiliar with this long-standing tradition.

Whereas Matt Smith was an old Doctor in a young body, in many ways Peter Capaldi is a young Doctor in an older body. There is something very whimsical about most of his performances that frequently resonates with the off kilter humor of Tom Baker at moments.  He is another good Doctor, but after the two amazing Doctors that preceded him, his episodes don’t always resonate with the emotions of some of his predecessors’ episodes. Hopefully with his third season he will get a chance to show greater emotional range.


Best Companions: Clara Oswin Oswald / Ashildr

Clara Oswin Oswald

Clara Oswin Oswald



Honorable Mentions:  River Song

River Song

River Song


Worst Companion:  Danny Pink

Danny Pink



Heaven Sent


Heaven Sent (#261)

Why it’s the best: One of the difficulties facing the show currently is how to keep it fresh. The episodes have a tendency to feel like they are treading the same ground sometimes. Not to mention with Clara (as much as I love her) taking more center stage since Matt Smith left and being such a long-standing companion, Peter Capaldi does not always shine with her. That is one of the many reasons this episode proves Peter Capaldi really is a fabulous Doctor. This episode is both a one man show and a testament to how great the writing in this show can get sometimes. This is also one of the best episodes to show the full extent of what well thought out time travel stories can be. Truly one of the very best of the show.




Listen (#245)

Why it’s the best:  


Hell Bent


Hell Bent (#262)

Why it’s the best:  


The Husbands of River Song


The Husbands of River Song (#263)

Why it’s the best:


Face the Raven


Face the Raven (#260)

Why it’s the best:


The Woman Who Lived


The Woman Who Lived (#257)

Why it’s the best:


Mummy on the Orient Express


Mummy on the Orient Express (#249)

Why it’s the best: 


Robot of Sherwood


Robot of Sherwood (#244)

Why it’s the best:


Time Heist


 Time Heist (#246)

Why it’s the best:


Last Christmas


Last Christmas (#253)

Why it’s the best:



The Doctor Falls



World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls

Why it’s the best:




Kill the Moon (#248)

Why it’s the worst: Doctor Who has lately started thinly veiling its political leanings behind sci-fi plots and stories that support its point. Kill the Moon is an example of this as an abortion metaphor. The story further frustrates the audience when the Doctor decides he will not interfere with the decision of the women in the story and instead says that he has no right to interfere and leaves them to make their own decision, which is contrary to every other instance of the Doctor meddling, to which Clara gets rightfully angry about. Overall, it is thinly veiled propaganda and has no place in Doctor Who.


Kill the Moon