Over 50 Years of the Best (and Worst) of Each of the 12 Doctors


Doctor Who has captivated viewers for 50 years, but those new to the series may feel a bit intimidated by the overwhelming amount of content.

So as you traverse through time and space with the Doctor and his many companions, let this be a suggestive guide of some of the greatest episodes of the Doctor, and his best  and worst companions, as well as a good place to start understanding who this great character is, and what are his best adventures.

It’s for fans new and old.

At the top of this page you will find menus and sub-menus of various fun pages of lists of the Doctor and his companions, Any of these pages will lead you to the list, and clicking on the name of any Doctor or companion on these pages will connect you to more about those characters. The site is still under construction so not all the pages are complete yet, so bare with me if it seems a little sparse at the moment, it will be fully fleshed out eventually, but for now a great starting place would be here:

The Doctors

Click on the name of any Doctor on the page and learn more about them, their best and worst companions, and their best and worst episodes (in my humble opinion).

So have fun with it! That’s what it’s all about!

(And feel free to agree or disagree as much as you want in the comments, but be prepared to defend your argument, because I will be defending mine!)


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